TibetanGold™ Men’s Green Tea Ormus Facial Mask©

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A number of animal studies have shown that a topical treatment with green tea polyphenols inhibit chemical carcinogen or ultraviolet radiation-induced skin tumors in different animal models. Treatment of green tea polyphenols to skin has been shown to have a beneficial effect on the biochemical pathways involved in skin inflammation, cell proliferation and chemical tumor promoters. These results have been confirmed in a human model, where topical application of green tea polyphenols protected against UV light induced DNA damage. Based on results mainly from these studies, like Tibetan Gold™, many companies are now supplementing their skin care products with green tea extracts, but of course those other companies haven't yet discovered the wonderful effects of Ormus. Our Men’s Green Tea & Ormus Facial Mask © is excellent for men’s skin, especially after shaving to help heal and sooth the micro-cuts and scrapes which can be caused by shaving.

Directions for use:

Apply Men’s Green Tea & Ormus Facial Mask © to your face as any other mask, using a mask application brush is best, or just your fingers. Leave it on your face until it dries. You will experience an invigorating drawing up and tightening of the skin as it dries and you may also feel the effects of an enlivening throughout your body as the Ormus is absorbed into your body systems. After drying, approximately 30-45 minutes, place a hot over damp towel over your face to re-moisturize the mask so that it can be washed off.

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