Thousand Day Red (Gomphrena Globosa)(Anti-Stress,Anti-Tiredness)

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This delicious flower tea is light and refreshing. The plant is a native of China and parts of the Amazon Basin where it grows in the wild. It may be found in colors ranging from red to purple to blue. In the West it is sometimes called Amaranth Globosa or Globe Amaranth.

  • The gentle spiked petals of this flower are rich in phyto-nutrients, anti-oxidants (anti-free radicals) vitamins: Vitamins A, Vitamin E, and the group B vitamins;
  • Minerals: Germanium, natural Selenium, Iron, Zinc, Calcium, Manganese, Potassium; Phytosterol Saponosides, Allantoises and several essential Amino acids...
  • Saponosides have medicinal properties against hypertension, arthritis, migraines and colitis. Researchers now know that it is the saponosides that relieve arthritic symptoms and lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
  • Saponosides also increase and accelerate the body's ability to absorb some active compounds, and in so doing help speed up the pain relieving effects. P hytosterol saponosides are recognized for their skin firming abilities.
  • Used the moist petal of this under the eyes to lighten the skin and firm up dark bags under the eyes.
  • It is used it for stress periods, because Gomphrena allows a relaxing of the nerves and muscles, to be serene and full of energy.
  • It relaxes muscles by increasing their force. It decreases the mental concern and fights against tiredness and aggressiveness.
  • Furthermore it favors sleep. It allows memory stimulation, to increases concentration and lucidity.
  • It has a beneficial action on digestion.
  • Its properties of anti-stress and anti-oxidation promotes against skin aging

Mix these flowers with any basic tea or steep alone.

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