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‘Qololangma' (Pronounced ‘Chew-Lo-Lang-Ma') is the Tibetan word for Himalayan Mountains . This could be called Tibetan liquid Himalayan Salt, from the Eastern Himalayan Mountain range. Far more Ormus-rich than dry Salt, this super-concentrated miracle salt water, when diluted one part to six parts distilled water (1:6) will yield up to 500% M-State precipitate on first drop as Salt Water used. That means when diluting 500ml of this special salt water (1:6) the precipitate yield will be 2000ml to 4000ml (2-4 liters, depending on the purity and chemical content of the fresh wash water used) of potent M-State Ormus precipitate using the wet method. Qololangma Tibetan Salt Water is super-concentrated salt water instead of dry salt with more Ormus content than salt.

This product is for use by those who desire to make their own M-State materials/Ormus, however, a few capfuls in your hot bath, makes for a delightful experience. Tibetan Gold™ Qololangma Tibetan Salt Lake Water© is the most economical way to make personal Ormus, due to its very high precipitate yields. The highly concentrated Tibetan salt Lake water is also much cleaner (no filtering required) and easier to work with than dry salt. Of all the salt and salt water tested from around the world, this special water yields the largest amount (percentage) of precipitate.

This amazing salt water is extracted from an ancient volcanic hot-spring-fed salt lake high in the Tibetan Plateau. This ancient lake has been accumulating the mineral salts and evaporating the surface mountain water for millennia, leaving highly concentrated, very mineral-rich salt water. The salt water and the precipitate taken from it are safe and ingestible, samples having been submitted by Tibetan Gold™ to the Chinese Academy of Sciences for content and toxicity testing and found non-toxic and safe.

Directions for use:

• Thoroughly dilute one part of Tibetan Gold™ Qololangma Salt Lake Water © with eight parts deionized or pure distilled water.

• Follow ‘Wet Method' procedure for precipitating M-State as stated in ‘How to Make It' http://www.subtleenergies.com/

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