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Ormus Toothpaste –

A natural and Ormus-based Toothpaste, with natural Ormus mineral anti-plaque, anti-tartar, natural anti-cavity minerals and Ginger-mint flavor. Our users report that Tibetan Gold Ormus Dentifrice © detoxifies mercury toxins (from mercury fillings) from the body's systems, heals bleeding gums, gingivitis and periodontitis, heals and prevents abscesses, bleeding gums, hemorrhages; strengthens tooth roots, oral bones. (See the link on Dental Health & Diabetes) NO fluoride, NO saccharin, NO preservatives, NO artificial colors or flavors, NO animal by-products, NO animal testing, NO lauric sulfates, or NO propylene glycol.

Directions for use:

Apply Tibetan Gold™ Ormus Dentifrice © to your tooth brush. Brush vigorously for 3 minutes, paying attention to brush gums and in-between the teeth. Rinse. Apply Tibetan Gold™ Ormus Dentifrice © to your tooth brush again. Brush a second time. The second time, do not rinse, leaving the dentifrice on the teeth and gums so it may be naturally absorbed. Most effects from Ormus mineral use are subtle and very personal. With regular usage, you will experience marked improvement in oral health within a few weeks. With continual usage oral health and hygiene will be assured. Remember, the benefits of Ormus are cumulative and enlightening. We recommend that you keep a record of your product use, whether you use Tibetan Gold products or from other suppliers. Write down what you experience. We will be happy to recommend, explain, discuss, or answer any questions you have: Simply contact us, using the email contact on the contact tab.

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