Egg Flower (Frangipani) Organic Flowers (Tea)

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The Chinese and Tibetans call this native fragrant beautiful flower, the ‘Egg Flower' because its coloration looks like a yolk being enwrapped in egg whites. In the West we call it a ‘frangipani;' interestingly the word ‘frangipani', translated also means ‘egg flower.' The bloom season of the elegant, dignified frangipani is from April to May each year, and the flowers are sweet and refreshing;

•  After being sun-dried, the beautiful, fragrant Egg Flowers can also be made into a sweet tasting tea, which is normally called Egg Flower tea;

•  Chinese, Tibetans, Koreans also use this flower in Egg Flower Soup because of its curative features:

•  The tea has effects of reducing fever,

•  Good for wiping out diarrhea,

•  Cleaning the lungs and detoxification

•  Traditionally the milky sap is applied to fresh wounds as a disinfectant, so the tea has some anti-bacterial qualities.

•  Frangipani and Jasmine, two of the world's most fragrant flowers, together with or without bath salt in a hot bath create an aromatic, delightful experience;

•  Mix frangipani and Jasmine flowers with bath salt and a little coconut oil for a great spa skin rub. Watch your skin glow as the scented salt rubs off dead skin cells. Moisturizing and anti-bacterial, it is especially suited for oily skin.

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