TibetanGold™ 'Blooming' White Tea Flower Balls©

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•  A white or red Globe Amaranth flower is delicately hand-wrapped in a cluster of white tea leaves so that it unfolds (when steeped) into a beautiful tiny bouquet. A beautiful and fancy way to enjoy the world's healthiest, most curative tea. (See White Tea in the Links)

•  This is known as a ‘Presentation Tea' because of its beautiful appearance as it unfolds while steeping in a clear cup or small pitcher.

•  One 'Blooming' White Tea Flower Ball makes approximately a liter of delicious, healthy white tea

•  Empress White Tea Flower Balls© are hand rolled and tied. The method used to make these special White Tea Flower balls is: 

•  The tea crafters begin with specially selected white tea leaves (leaves that are long and mottled white),

•  The leaves are then tied together, the center leaves are cut and the outer leaves remain long,

•  A red or white Globe Amaranth flower is secured in the center; the outer leaves are then carefully and painstakingly rolled into a tight ball around it. The tea is steamed and dried so it will hold its shape.

•  The dry leaf appearance of the tea balls is tending towards a mottled and white appearance, indicating very early new season tea and extremely careful plucking and manufacture. (New season tea of this quality is rare and only available for 2-3 weeks each year!)

•  When you place an Empress White Tea Flower Ball in your cup, add the boiling water, you will see the outer leaves begin to uncurl. Once the infusion time is complete the tea looks like a red/white flower bouquet with long petals on the outside and the short petals on the inside.

The 'Blooming Tea' comes in 4 different and interesting flower varieties, each with a different blooming and color arrangement.

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