Honeysuckle Organic Flowers (Tea)

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This is a graceful and delicious slightly bitter flower tea when unsweetened. However, this is another flower tea with amazing curative properties. It may be used topically as an antiseptic wash when made very strong.

In Asia , It is sometimes called the “Quit Smoking Tea” because it can diminish appetite for smoking and may assist in quitting.

Chinese Herbalists indicate this tea

•  Decreased inflammation of small air passages in the lung (bronchiolitis),

•  Easing of digestive disorders, reduced skin inflammation, itching, swelling, sores,

•  Promotes sweating, and clearing of toxicity, Detoxicates; Clears away toxic substances.

• Kills or inhibits the action of germs; bacterial or viral infections,

•  Cools and reduces fever and heat.

•  Reduces ulcers, swelling, sore throat, skin infections.

• Clears the lungs and strengthens general health tea

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