TibetanGold™ Organic Red Tea

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• ‘Red tea' is the name Chinese use for what people in the West call “black tea.” All true tea comes from the same plant, Camellia sinensis . Westerners pay attention to the color of the dried leaves in calling this tea “black.” The Chinese refer to the color of the actual liquid tea in calling it “red.”

• The differences between types of tea result from different methods of processing the leaves.

• For green tea, the tea leaves are steamed, rolled and dried, a method that preserves the content of polyphenols, anti-oxidant compounds that confer the well-known health benefits of tea.

• For black tea, the leaves undergo a process of oxidation (called fermentation) that changes the color and flavor and reduces the content of polyphenols, but some say it tastes better.

• The color of Tibetan Gold™ Red Tea when made is reddish, and has a remarkable and delightful aroma and taste.

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