TibetanGold™ Organic Black Tea (Finest Pu-erh)

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Black Tea Shown to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally


With Black tea, leaves are picked and then withered to reduce the moisture content.

•  The leaves are then rolled or twisted and placed in a cool, humid room where they undergo an oxidation process for one to five hours, depending on the tea.

•  The final step is firing (pan heating), which stops the fermentation process.

•  The firing process causes the leaves to turn black and reduces the moisture content to 1%.

•  The oxidation process results in teas with strong, rich, complex flavors; the color of the infused tea is not black, but reddish.

•  Tibetan Gold™ Black Tea is delicious, robust taste; is an excellent base for Lavender, Chrysanthemum and other flower teas.

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