TibetanGold™ Chaozhou ‘IRON BUDDHA” Oolong Tea

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•  According to Chinese mythology, in 2737 BC the Chinese Emperor, Shen Nung, scholar and herbalist, was sitting beneath a tree while his servant boiled drinking water. A leaf from the tree dropped into the water and Shen Nung decided to try the brew. The tree was a wild tea tree.

•  Conversely the Indian and Japanese legends both attribute the discovery of tea to Bodhidharma the devout Buddhist priest who founded Zen Buddhism. The Indian legend tells how in the fifth year of a seven year sleepless contemplation of Buddha he began to feel drowsy. He immediately plucked a few dark leaves from a nearby bush and chewed them which dispelled his tiredness. The bush was a wild tea tree.

•  As above, Oolong (wulong, woolong) is both a class of tea and a kind of tea. Oolong is intermediate between green and black tea – in color, flavor and polyphenols content.

•  This TibetanGold™ ‘IRON BUDDHA” Oolong Tea is a little more than half-fermented (oxidized) and thus is slightly stronger and thicker in flavor, enhancing its fat busting qualities a little more.

•  Since Oolongs are processed like black teas but have a shorter withering and oxidation process, the tea produces more color and flavor somewhere between a black and green tea.

•  Oolongs, depending on the tea and processing times, can have some very interesting, complex flavors with elements of both green and black teas.

•  TibetanGold™ ‘IRON BUDDHA” Oolong Tea is stronger than the Quan Yin Oolong and thus more fat and cholesterol emulsifying; and the taste is slightly more bitter when taken unsweetened.

•  This is not a delicate tea, but it sure does work if one is serious about wanting to take off the weight. You get used to it after a while. Just every time you feel you want to eat, have a cup of this amazing tea. Then your appetite goes away.

•  The best tea for a hangover.

Chinese Herbalists indicate this tea

•  In addition to ‘busting' fat and cholesterol, Oolong Tea is helpful in flushing body systems; after emulsifying it, the fat is flushed away.

•  Oolong health tea has diuretic effects and works to stimulate the removal of other waste materials from the body

•  Helpful in general dieting

•  Reduces high blood pressure, and is anti-aging

•  Improves immuno-competence,

•  Since it clears the bad cholesterol, Oolong tea is an anti-heart-disease agent, thus use potentially prolongs lifespan

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