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•  Named after a legend about a farmer who prayed daily in front of Buddha GuanYin, the goddess who administers human's marriage and propagation, found an unique tea plant in the mountain, with its leaves heavy like iron. Originated from Anxi , China around 1736, this lightly oxidized oolong tea is well known in Asia and Europe for its surprisingly ripe fruit overtones with a dark green color and nutty finish.

•  Oolong (wulong, woolong) is both a class of tea and a kind of tea. Oolong is intermediate between green and black tea – in color, flavor and polyphenols content.

•  This Organic Oolong tea is half-fermented (oxidized) and thus is slightly thicker in flavor.

•  Oolongs are processed like black teas but their shorter withering and oxidation process produces a tea with more color and flavor somewhere between a black and green tea.

•  Oolongs, depending on the tea and processing times, can have some very interesting, complex flavors with elements of both green and black teas.

•  You got to love this – of all the teas, Oolong tea speeds up the metabolism more than any other, burning fat and calories; Oolong is the best at emulsifying fat and cholesterol busting tea. Like a savior for today's junk food eaters.

•  Tibetan Gold Quan Yin Oolong tea is a fairly mild, but still strong tea.

•  And since Oolong emulsifies, make sure you don't drink too much of it on an empty stomach. You may feel like being punched in the stomach if you do so.

Chinese Herbalists indicate this tea

•  In addition to ‘busting' fat and cholesterol, Oolong Tea is helpful in flushing body systems; after emulsifying it, the fat is flushed away.

•  Oolong health tea has diuretic effects and works to stimulate the removal of other waste materials from the body

•  Helpful in general dieting

•  Reduces high blood pressure, and is anti-aging

•  Improves immuno-competence,

•  Since it clears the bad cholesterol, Oolong tea is an anti-heart-disease agent, thus use potentially prolongs lifespan

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