TibetanGold™ Men’s Rhodiola Saffron Ormus Facial Mask©

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Beauty salons in China and Tibet have been using a combination of Rhodiola root and Saffron as skin enhancer combinations for many centuries. Both these herbs have a quality to reduce wrinkles and to reduce the puffiness of the face, especially around the eyes. Chinese and Tibetan’s use these two herbs to whiten and remove skin discoloration and the dark bags under the eyes. Though drinking Rhodiola tea and Saffron tea also appear to reduce facial puffiness and discoloration under the eyes, a topical application of these two herbs work faster and provides direct infusion of these cosmetic aids directly to the skin areas of greatest concern.

Tibetan Gold has pioneered this amazing beauty secret by combining these two natural beauty herbs with Ormus as a facial mask treatment. Men’s Rhodiola & Saffron Facial Mask© is a wonderful way to strengthen and enhance your skin while gaining Ormus benefits by external application. It is especially helpful after shaving to heal and soothe micro-cuts and scrapes which occur (unseen) while shaving.

Directions for use:

Apply Men’s Rhodiola Saffron Ormus Facial Mask© to your face as any other mask, using a mask application brush is best, or just your fingers. Leave it on your face until it dries. You will experience an invigorating drawing up and tightening of the skin as it dries and you may also feel the effects of an enlivening throughout your body as the Ormus is absorbed into your body systems. After drying, approximately 30-45 minutes, place a hot over damp towel over your face to re-moisturize the mask so that it can be washed off. Use twice a week

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