Tibetan Secret Red Salt (Bath Salt and Foot Wash)

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This Unique Red Salt is mined deep in the Tibetan Himalayas and this is why they call it ‘secret’... Since the Tibetans have an affinity to the Sun...something from far beneath the earth is mysterious, Secret...

Though the Salt is Red, when dissolved in hot water it turns the water green and gives off a deep Sulfur smell like a Sulfur Hot Spring. 

It makes a luxurious Sulfer Hot Springs foot bath (1 packet) or a hot tub bath (2 or more packets) with many relaxing, healing benefits. 

The Tibetans also use this salt as a hair rinse and conditioner before final rinse.  Truly a unique product…and not expensive….

We’ve been giving this product for several months as a freebie with many good comments.

Note:  It is not recommended that this Tibet Secret Red Salt be ingested.  Neither is it very good to be used to precipitate Ormus.  This is due to its sulfur content.   But as a Sulfur Hot Springs type Bath or Foot wash...it is better than excellent... 

Usage: Use one Packet for each foot bath.  Use 2 or more packets for a bath depending on the size and depth of the bath tub.  Use one packet to prepare a hair rinse.

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