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‘ Liquid Sunlight © ' Ormus minerals are extracted with highest quality, authentic Italian ‘First Cold Pressed' Virgin Olive Oil. The Ormus materials are suspended in the oil. The Ormus Oil thus becomes a superior massage oil with essential healthful benefits as the Ormus is absorbed by the skin. Our users tell us this product invigorates the entire body, relieves aches and pain, and leave the skin surprisingly smooth, supple, and soft. When used for a lower-leg and foot massage the whole body is invigorated and you will feel like you are walking on air. This product may also be used as a hair treatment to give elasticity to the hair and follicles. Interestingly, this product is completely consumable, and may be used to enrich and liven up a salad, pizza, or sauce. There are no preservatives, additives, chemicals…only Ormus, edible salt, and pure certified cold-pressed virgin olive oil.

Directions for use:

May be used at room-temperature or gently-warmed (gently warmed is better) Shake well to insure suspension of the Ormus minerals. Apply and massage into the skin.

Or: As a food item;

Use as you would regular Olive Oil in cooking, salads etc.

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