TibetanGold™ 3-Times Roasted Bamboo Salt

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This ‘Bamboo Salt' is made under the ancient Korean Taoist recipe. Sun dried sea salt is tightly packed into cut bamboo joint cylinders of a unique Korean species of bamboo. The bamboo cylinders are then plugged with Loess yellow clay and Kiln-roasted over burning pine resin. As the bamboo burns away at 1400-1700 degrees Centigrade, the sea salt is impregnated and compounded with about 88 trace elements, polyphenols, and minerals from the bamboo, the loess yellow clay, and the pine resin. This kiln-roasting process is repeated in this Salt three times. At the each successive burning, the trace elements of the bamboo begin to turn the salt pinkish each successive burning makes the salt a little more and more pinkish-orange.

Tibetan Gold imports this significant salt from Korea in bulk and repackages it for your convenience and use.

The Taoist Monks hold that this ‘pinkish salt' has the qualities of a universal medicine. Today it is used in many Korean preservatives, some medicines, as a divine bath salt, for deep body massage (to remove dead or damaged skin and rejuvenate the body), in cooking, as an ingredient of Bamboo Salt toothpaste, and other applications. This 3-times roasted Bamboo Salt does not have as strong an overpowering smoky taste like the 9-times roasted Bamboo Salt, therefore, it is excellent for cooking use and as a general seasoning for food.

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