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Some have speculated that coffee is rich in Ormus because it flourishes in high altitude volcanic soil. Latest research shows that green c offee beans beat green tea for health by containing four times the amount of health-boosting polyphenols and antioxidants (See Coffee articles in the Links). Some of the high anti-oxidant qualities of coffee are reduced when the beans are roasted, but even roasted coffee is healthily rich in phenols, polyphenols, and volatile oils. Research now shows that coffee drinkers (at least 2 cups per day) have a substantially reduced incident of Alzheimer's disease, or dementia, especially among women. Coffee is mildly diuretic and helps to flush out waste materials in the body.

In the cup Java is largely about thick, oily body, and very low acidity. A really good Java will be deep, with a touch of spice in the cup, and when the roast is right it will have subtle bittersweet chocolate tastes. As recently as the 1950s, all Indonesian coffee was sold as Java, even though only a small percentage of it actually came from the island of Java . Today genuine Javanese coffees are undergoing a revival, in large part because of increased demand from gourmet restaurants and specialty coffee shops.

Java offers pure body with deeper toned flavors, like freshly roasted nuts with hints of black pepper. Compared to the classic flavor of Sumatra coffees, Java doesn't offer the same level of earthiness. But its simpler, more straightforward flavor makes it great for blends.

This hand-picked coffee is grown in the most volcanic area on planet Earth, the Island of Java in the Indonesian Archipelago. Imported directly from Indonesia by Tibetan Gold™, this dark-roast, aromatic coffee is packaged in our Hong Kong facilities for freshness. We at Tibetan Gold drink it every day.

Tibetan Gold™ Indonesian Java is also great as a blend-component coffee with other fine coffees; it adds a deep richness and fuller body to milder coffees. We often blend it with milder coffees (Colombian, Jamaican Blue Mountain) to give a lively bounce to an already enjoyable coffee experience. We can send it to you in the roasted-bean form or we will grind it for you. (See Coffee in the Links)

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