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Imperial Liquid SunLight – AU+RHO© contains our base Liquid SunLight fortified with a combination of M-State Gold and M-Rhodium (White Powder forms of Gold and Rhodium) which have been derived from the Dry Method into their white powder non-metallic forms. It takes approximately 8 weeks to break down the pure Rhodium metal to its white (light grey) powdered form. Quite a tedious and treacherous procedure!

The biological values of members of the platinum group of elements, such as Gold and Rhodium are just now beginning to be realized thanks to breakthroughs in high-temp chemical analysis techniques. Analyses of the brain tissue of animals show that 5%-8% of the brain is made up of these elements, particularly Gold and Rhodium in a superconductive state. In addition, analysis of foods and herbs rich in Gold, and Rhodium, are highly beneficial to the immune and nervous systems and contain significant amounts of these superconductive elements.

Gold and Iridium appear to speed up metabolism in the body by about 40%. They seem not to go into the bloodstream and not go through the kidneys. It seems to be taken into the Meridian (acupuncture) system of the body and they seem to be associated with the pineal, spinal cord and thymus. Which, in fact, are the centers for consciousness and the metabolic rate of the body.

Potential Benefits of White Powdered Gold

  • It appears that Gold is associated with the pineal.
  • M-Gold is used to relieve joint pain.
  • Some report that M-Gold effects memory and motivation.
  • Evidence has shown that gold causes one to develop a sense of knowingness about what other people are thinking and feeling, thus increasing emotional sensitivity.
  • Word of gold’s power to relieve the pain of arthritis was passed down through the centuries and even today it is used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, its efficacy confirmed by modern medical research .
  • Other traditional treatments include arthritis, obesity, skin ulcers, puncture wounds, nerve damage (neuropathy) . . . hyperactivity... It is also used to alleviate the wasting and malnutrition associated with chronic diseases.
  • The energy field around M-State gold tends to impart the idea of increased longevity.
  • One user has reported the M-State gold causing a fusing of the left and right hemispheres, so that there is more control over dreams, and experiences of an increase in intuition.

Potential Benefits of White Powdered Rhodium

  • Rhodium is associated with the thymus.
  • Taking rhodium over an extended period has been shown to cause a growth in the thymus gland.
  • The thymus is what produces the T-cells which guard the body from all parasites, viruses, and tumors.
  • Therefore, it has been suggested that Rhodium is the ultimate protector and cure for chronic invasive disease and out of control cells, like cancer.

The product is shipped in an aluminized “Anti-Static/Anti-EMF Bag”

Recommended Dosage

Take ¼ to ½ teaspoon daily for the first month. Then you may gradually increase the dosage as you read your body’s response to Ormus use. More is not necessarily better to maintain optimum body health. Most effects from Ormus mineral use are subtle and abstruse and very personal. The benefits of Ormus are cumulative and enlightening. We recommend that you keep a record of your product use, whether you use Tibetan Gold products or from other suppliers. Write down what you experience. We will be happy to recommend, explain, discuss, or answer any questions you have: Simply contact us, using the email contact on the contact us Link.

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