TibetanGold Imperial Liquid SunLight M-Cu + M-Au

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This product contains the non-metallic monatomic state of both  .999 pure Copper and .999  pure Gold, making it immediately bio-available.  This is a combination product which gives the best features of White Powdered Gold and Monatomic Powdered Copper.

Gold and Copper have many important roles to play in maintaining a healthy body and some of its benefits include:

Copper Reduces Infection Risk by More Than 40 Per Cent, Experts Say: See this article
  • Both Gold and Copper reduce aches and pains of Arthritis
  • Provides the cupro-enzymes necessary for  Proper growth
  • The health benefits of copper include proper growth, utilization of iron, enzymatic reactions, connective tissues, hair, eyes, ageing and energy production. Apart from these, heart rhythm, thyroid glands, arthritis, wound healing. RBC formation and cholesterol are other health benefits of copper.

  • Sustains and enhances pigmentation (melanin, which imparts coloration to skin, hair, and  to hair and eyes) Intake of copper supplements helps in suppressing the graying hair.
  • Connective tissues: Copper is an important nutrient that has a significant role in the synthesis of hemoglobin, myelin, body pigment melanin and collagen. It helps to protect the myelin sheath surrounding the nerves. It is also actively involved in the production of an element of connective tissue, elastin.
  •  Both Gold and Copper enhance Brain Stimulation as 'brain food':
  •   Copper helps in the absorption of iron from the intestinal tract and release from its primary storage sites like liver. It also helps in the utilization of sugar in the body.
  •  Both Gold and Copper are elements  and cofactors of as many as 50 different enzymes that take part in various biological reactions within the body. These enzymes can function properly only in the presence of Gold and Copper.
  • Both Copper and Gold are strong antioxidants, which work in the presence of the antioxidant enzyme, superoxide dismutase, to safeguard the cell membranes from free radicals.
  • Both Gold and Increase energy production: Gold and Copper are essential in the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is an energy storehouse of the human body.
  • Both Gold and Copper have anti-Bactericidal properties: Studies have shown that they can destroy or inhibit the growth of bacterial strains such as E Coli.
  •  Thyroid glands: Copper has an important role in ensuring the proper functioning of thyroid glands.
  •  RBC formation: Copper helps in the production of red blood cells hemoglobin and bone.
  •  Immunity: Both Gold and Copper play an important role in the healing process and thus, ensure better wound healing. Both minerals act as extremely good immunity builders. They are also an essential cure to anemic problems.
  •  Reduces cholesterol: Research studies have shown that Gold and copper can reduce bad cholesterol levels and helps in increasing beneficial cholesterol.
 Dosages and Precaution: Don’t use this product if you have Wilson’s disease or a family history thereof.   !/4 to 1/2 teaspoon daily.  A 100ml bottle should last approximately one month at the higher dosage.

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