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White Ormus with Titanium Dioxide

Micronized Titanium Dioxide in its nanostructure configuration has been found to act as a phenomenal detoxifier of harmful substances, this it does as a photo catalyst, so especially in the presence of sunlight. Harmful substances and pollutants are eliminated via oxidation with the titanium dioxide acting as a catalyst. At Northwestern University, research has been shown, in some cases, that titanium dioxide in intercellular manipulation to target defective genes which cause cancer, neurological disease, and other conditions acting as a vehicle to deliver remove defective genes and deliver good genes into cells.

Titanium dioxide on its own is completely harmless and non-toxic to humans. However, in its catalytic effects, it has high anti-bacterial action, and has strong effects on single celled organisms such as fungi, bacteria, and viruses, especially when the body is exposed to light i.e., sungazing. Generally speaking, the bacterial effect (disinfection) of titanium dioxide is three times stronger than chlorination, and 1.5 times stronger than ozonation.

Liquid SunLight with Titanium Dioxide is a remarkable combination of health inducing mineral elements.

Recommended Dosage

Take ¼ to ½ teaspoon daily for the first month. Then you may gradually increase the dosage as you read your body’s response to Ormus and titanium dioxide use. More is not necessarily better to maintain optimum body health. Most effects from Ormus mineral use are subtle and abstruse and very personal. The benefits of Ormus are cumulative and enlightening. We recommend that you keep a record of your product use, whether you use Tibetan Gold products or from other suppliers. Write down what you experience. We will be happy to recommend, explain, discuss, or answer any questions you have: Simply contact us, using the email contact on the contactus tab.

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