Zodiac Ormus Formula for SCORPIO

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Zodiac Ormus + 4 Mineral Cell Salts
These are the Mineral Cell Salts added to the Ormus:
1. Cell Salt for SCORPIO - Calcium Sulfate  
2. Deficit Cell Salt - Sodium Phosphate
3. Deficit Cell Salt - Potassium Sulfate
4. Deficit Cell Salt - Magnesium Phosphate

In the 1550’s, Paracelsus, the Austrian alchemist gained  much fame and renown by curing patients of many various diseases which other doctors could not cure. By understanding that there are natural cell salt mineral deficits in humans and their health based upon the time of the year a person was conceived and later born, he was able to prescribe remedies and medicines which cured these natural Zodiacal mineral deficits, bringing health to his patients at a much higher and quicker rate than any other doctors at that time. 

Here’s Paracelsus’ theory. He determined that there are 12 basic cell salts which the cells in the human body require for optimum health… each correlated to the movements of the heavens, i.e., one for each sign of the Zodiac. At human conception, when sperm meets egg and settles in the mother’s womb, a 9 month countdown to birth begins. The mother supplies nutrients to the growing fetus during that gestation period…that is for nine months only. So the growing baby gets, through its mother 9 types of mineral cell salts during that growth period… but those supplements end at 9 months, causing the baby to miss out on 3 types of necessary cell salts due to its time of birth. These 3 missing mineral cell salts are the natural mineral deficits which concerned Paracelsus. He discovered that when he prescribed these missing  or deficit Zodiacal cell salts, in accordance to the birth date of his patients, the healing immediately began to improve and health could be restored more quickly once these natural remedy cell salts were added to the patient’s regimen. 

Paracelsus’ superior medical knowledge and alchemical processes got lost in the pages of time and through the consternation of religious fervor being opposed to anything to do with alchemy and the Zodiac. Yet it is a fact that Paracelsus was remarkably successful in his practice and healed many thousands whom others could not. Thus he is remembered as the greatest physician in the past 500 years because of his cure rate.

Paracelsus’ wisdom and knowledge was resurrected in 1906 by George W, Carey’s publication “The Relation of the Mineral Salts of the Body to the Signs of the Zodiac, ’ and has seen many editions since then, and now is in reprint under the title, “The Zodiac and the Salts of Salvation.”

TibetanGold has studied these works for several years and now presents a new category of products which incorporates the goodness of our Golden Emperor Liquid SunLight (Ormus) and a formulation of the missing or deficit mineral cell salts for birth dates in  each of the signs of the Zodiac. 

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