D.I.Y. Complete Home Monatomic Ormus Making Kit

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The Kit contains everything you need to make your own high quality Ormus at home quickly, efficiently, and safely.   You will only need a 1-Gallon Glass Jar, a measuring cup, and a pair of kitchen gloves

You don't need to be a Chemist to make your own high quality Ormus at home in large quantities if you read and follow the simple step-by step instructions provided. If you can toss a salad, or make a glass of chocolate milk, then you can make Monatomic Ormus at home.

The Complete Home Monatomic Ormus Making Kit Contains the following:
  • 500ml Tibetan Concentrated Salt Lake Water
  • 1 X Pocket-size Electronic pH Meter (1-year warranty)
  • 150gr Dry Flaked Sodium Hydroxide Reagent
  • Complete set of Ormus Making Directions
The Tibetan Concentrated Salt Lake Water
  •  1.5 times heavier than normal water as it is loaded with at least 11 types of monatomic element substances. Tibetan Salt Water is 6 times more concentrated than Sea water or reconstituted sea salt water, therefore the yield of the natural Ormus from Tibetan Salt Lake Water use is about 6 times greater. Using it is faster and cleaner than using Sea Salts or other Salts which are generally unclean, requiring filtering, and when dissolved, they are not concentrated.
  • From 500ml of the Tibetan Concentrated Salt Lake Water, which will be diluted 6 to 1 with fresh or distilled water, the yield of Ormus should be about 2.5-3 liters after washing and settling (depending on timing and celestial movements). That makes Ormus very economical, easy and clean to make. There is no need to worry about Gilchrest toxins, other pollutants, nor excess Magnesium, as with Sea Salts, as none of these are present in the high altitude Tibetan Concentrated Salt Water. See More Details on this item and how to purchase refills here: http://tinyurl.com/coqjokm
 Pocket-size Electronic pH Meter (batteries included)
  •  We sell these pH meters independent of the Complete Home Monatomic Ormus Making Kit and the full details of this item may be seen here:            http://tinyurl.com/c68h54v
150 grams Dry Flaked Sodium Hydroxide
  • This item is also sold separately. It is shipped in dry form and must be dissolved in 1.5 liters of water before use as the reagent used to precipitate the Monatomic Ormus substances from the solution of Tibetan Concentrated Salt Lake Water. For more information on this item and how to purchase refills go here:            http://tinyurl.com/c9xfv79
Complete set of Ormus Making Directions 
  • The Complete Home Monatomic Ormus Making Kit comes with a practical and easy to read complete set of step-by-step instructions on how to make Ormus easily.  As the ancient Alchemists said, Making the Elixir of Life is kitchen work.  Anybody can do it.   This is all you need to make, have and keep adequate supplies of life enhancing Ormus in your home at all times...
Once you start, you will become a natural Ormus Maker and you can have quantities of fresh Ormus inexpensively in 2-3 days any time you want it....Nature is your assistant.

Now's the time to start making your own Ormus !

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