Chinese Goldthread Rhizome (Coptis chinensis ) (Diabetes/Heart)

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This is a serious and potent bitter herbal tea with many important curative and healing qualities…a true Chinese medicinal herb. It may be used both internally as a tea, and externally (when made strong) as a rub or astringent.

Internal Uses (As a Tea) :

  • Relief heat toxicity, indigestion, diabetes, inflammation of intestine,  diarrhea caused by bacterial infection,
  • Relieves high fever, restlessness and insomnia, spitting blood, nose bleeding due to heat in blood, red eyes and excess stomach acid, tooth ache, boils.
  • Clears the stomach, stops vomiting; for coldness and heat intertwined (pain) in the abdomen area. Relieves the liver, stops vomiting; for liver and stomach not in harmony, vomiting and excess stomach acid. Removes heat and acidity the upper part of the body like red eyes, sores in the mouth, etc.
  • External uses : Eye Drops: in the eyes to remove inflammation (redness) of the eyes, 
  • As ear drops: to cure middle ear infections (ear aches),
  • As an Astringent: gargle to reduce ulceration of tongue and mouth, bathe ears to cure external ear infections; wash and swab the skin to cure eczema, pimples;

1. Is a natural, organic antibiotic and anti-amoeba (kills amoeba)

2. Effect on heart and blood vessels

  • Small amount improves coronary blood vessel circulation while large amount may suppress it some.
  • Protects heart muscles in case of lack of blood circulation and as an anti arrhythmia tonic.
  • relaxes blood vessels
  • anti-platelet coagulation (thins the blood)
  • shrinks red blood cells (causes them to smaller in size so they flow better in the blood)
  • lowers blood sugar
    • Small amount improves function of acetylcholine while large amount suppresses it. (Acetylcholine is a small organic molecule liberated at nerve endings as a neurotransmitter. It is particularly important in the stimulation of muscle tissue. The transmission of an impulse to the end of the nerve causes it to release neurotransmitter molecules onto the surface of the next cell, stimulating it. After such release, the acetylcholine is quickly broken into acetate and choline, which pass back to the first cell to be recycled into acetylcholine again
    • Not to use in cases of wind cold type of flu and deficient type of syndromes. Normal dosage is relatively safe with few side effects and no adverse effects from long term use. Large dosage can be toxic. Not to use in patients with glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency.

Precautions: This is a very powerful herbal remedy, and quite effective against the above indications. Take only half a cup a day or use to mix in a broth or soup. When used in excess, the reactions may include:

  • dizziness, tinnitus, nausea, vomiting, anxiety and fright, short of breath, joint pain
  • diarrhea, flatulence, rumbling noise in the intestines, frequent urination
  • decrease of hemi and blood cells

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