Brook Yellow Grass Herbal (Breathe Easier, Anti-Hepatitis)

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This tea is called by the Chinese: Brook Yellow Grass Tea. It is a perennial herb. The entire plant is used to make this delicious tea: the stem and the square shaped leaves. The Stream Yellow Grass plant grows to a height of approximately two feet high near clear running mountain streams. The plant has 2-kinds of leaves like sassafras: a petal, and a two-inch blade, like a grass, whose edge has a thick, uneven denticle. The stem and leaves have a deep yellow juice. In the autumn the plant blossoms and its taste is slightly astringent.

  • Stream Yellow Grass Herbal Tea is excellent for m elting and removing phlegm from the throat and lungs, as it clears mucus and clears toxins and excess fluids from the liver, lungs and other parts of the body
  • This tea relaxes the muscles and joints and stimulates blood circulation, thus giving strength and better activity to the extremities.
  • It will relieve distension of the abdomen, dropsy, abdominal pain, and pains in the arms and legs due to its ability to increase blood circulation in those areas as it reduces excess fluids.
  • Also used in the treatment of chronic hepatitis, and treatment of cirrhosis of the liver.
  • This curative tea is also used to treat : Heat-stroke, abdominal pain, hepatitis, rheumatism, dropsy*, chest pain, injury from chest fractures (makes breathing easier), hemoptysis (the coughing up of blood or of blood-stained sputum from the bronchi, larynx or the respiratory tract).
  • Helps those with water, fluid retention problems, and bloatedness
  • This Tea will gradually remove all excessive fluids from the body
  • Acts as a preventative of all the above symptoms.

* Dropsy (excluding epidemic dropsy) is essentially a symptom and not a specific disease, and is merely an exaggeration of a certain state of health. Excessive fluid, known as lymph, is continually passing through the capillary walls into the tissues, and in health this is removed as fast as it is exuded, in one or more of three ways: part of it is used in the nutrition. DROPSY (contracted from the old word hydropisy, derived from the Gr. Water and appearance), the name given to a collection of simple serous fluids in all or any of the cavities of the body, or in the meshes of its tissues. Dropsy of the subcutaneous connective tissue is termed edema when it is localized and limited in extent; when more diffuse it is termed anasarca; the term edema is also applied to dropsies of some of the internal organs, notably to that of fluid in the lungs.

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