TibetanGold 3-7 Ginseng Tea (Blood Purifying/Blood Activation)

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This is a strong and tasty tea with a rich flavor and aroma. It has many of the qualities of the Long-Life: Southern Ginseng tea, except a few more. It is loaded with anti-oxidants, anti-carcinogens, and detoxifying agents. A cup or two of this tea a week will insure that your blood and circulation will function at top levels. It will insure that the whole body remains vitalized and invigorated.

Even though, refreshing and having a solid delicious ginseng flavor, this amazing tea provides several vital curative benefits which increase longevity naturally and organically:

The 37-Ginseng tea,

  • will alleviate fever,
  • assists in the reduction of high blood pressure because it contains a natural blood thinner,
  • it is builds up cellular strength to improve the health of the entire body
  • Promotes cell reproduction and multiplication, elimination of sluggish or dead cells,
  • Promotes production of new red and white blood cells, strengthens existing red and white blood cells, thus increasing the oxygenation qualities and the immuno-qualities of the blood, and is therefore called a complete blood-tonic
  • Whenever we hurt or have pain inside the body, it’s a sign of internal inflammation: The great thing the 37-Ginseng tea does, is in diminishing both internal and external inflammation, pains and swelling,
  • Through studies, it is also found that 37-Ginseng tea is significantly effective in restraining the multiplication of inflammatory granulation tissue (clinically manifested as inflammatory swelling and pains) and this is the result of the anti-inflammatory content of its natural ‘ginseng glycol glucoside’.
  • 37-Ginseng tea is effective in the treatment of pains and swelling caused by inflammation (rheumatism) and injury (bruises, strains and contusions).
  • 37-Ginseng tea, different from other teas, has an outstanding active natural alcohol, and can significantly increase the activity of urokinase (dissolves blood clots) in the human body, thus embodying it function in invigorating the circulation of and anti-clotting of blood. It also has an excellent curative effect for senile arthritis.

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