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•  Qololangma (Pronounced ‘Chew-Lo-Lang-Ma') means ‘ Himalayan Mountains ' in the Tibetan language.

•  Until recently this rare natural white tea was strictly reserved for use in Tibetan Lamasteries, Temples and Monasteries.

•  Watered by snow, at altitudes of 11,000-15,000 feet above sea level in clouds and fog, and very little direct Sunlight, this very special snow tea grows on the surface of rocks, not in the earth, drawing its nutrients from the air. This is why the Lamas and monks have considered it a gift from heaven…the most sacred tea in the world. It's the only tea known to grow at this altitude and comes only from a special region in Tibet .

•  Very light in texture, snow white leaves, slightly yellow when brewed, this lovely rare tea should be taken in a meditative attitude and with a sincere heart.

•  Some may prefer to add a bit of Rhodiola or a few flowers like Lavender, Camomile, or Chrysanthemum to this very light tea to give it a bit more body, and sweeten with a touch of Tibetan Gold ™ Air-Dried Granulated Honey © . The Monks use the air-dried wild mountain honey. They sometimes also drink salty tea by adding some salt.

•  Monks and Lamas sometimes make Yak butter tea, by adding a dollop of Yak butter to this tea. Why not try it with your favorite pure butter (no margarine, please).

Tibetan and Chinese Herbalists indicate this tea

•  Frequent drinking has a lot of benefits such as clearing summer fluid (sweat),

•  Clearing the liver of toxins,

•  Improving vision,

•  Nourishing the heart muscle.

•  Will bring about remarkable effects on reducing hypertension.

•  White Snow tea is a fat emulsifier and helps reduce obesity

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