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A delicious yet curatively potent tea: A little bit goes a long way with this herb and makes the whole house smell great when being brewed. Tibetan Rhodiola ( Rhodiola sacra) is a very safe, non-toxic herbal nutrient tea. It may be consumed daily as a tonic and health maintaining supplement.

•  The bright red Rhodiola flower sits atop a thick fluted cactus-like stem system, and has a root system with tree-like bark. It is the root and root-bark which is used to make this delicious herbal tea.

•  It grows at altitudes of between 11,000 and 16,000 ft on the edges of the snow.

•  The main active principle in Rhodiola is glucoside, in addition includes flavonoids, and polyphenols class volatile oils; also contains18 amino acids which are needed by the human body, 7 of which cannot be produced by the body. Such a broad spectrum of bio-nutrients is seldom seen in any other natural plant.

•  This beautiful cinnamon-colored tea from the Rhodiola roots tastes a little like sarsaparilla (used to make root beer) and contains 15 biological trace elements, most assuredly Ormus-like.

•  Rhodiola is one of the most popular adaptogenic herbs, used for treatment of a multitude of ailments, including anemia, depression, fatigue, impotence, and infections.

•  Rhodiola Root has been shown to improve cognitive function, athletic performance, and sexual function.

•  Tibetan Rhodiola also is used as a powerful and safe antidepressant. It's been shown to be more a more powerful anti-depressant than St. John's Wort

•  Recently, Rhodiola preparations have been shown to have the following effects:

•  Easing chronic fatigue syndrome: through a variety of mechanisms--including raising levels of neurotransmitters, improving metabolism of fatty acids, and enhancing energy molecules, such as ATP (adenosine triphosphate) and CP (creatine phosphate).

•  Enhances body endurance, reinforces physical strength, relief of tiredness and weakness,

•  Rhodiola tea significantly improves a person's capacity to absorb and utilize oxygen. compensates for low oxygen,

•  Improves performance capacity: In a double-blind study, measures of mental fatigue (such as impaired short-term memory, associative thinking, and audio-visual perception) were very much improved after supplementation with Rhodiola tea as opposed to a placebo.

•  Rhodiola has also been shown to have aphrodisiac properties, and has been used to treat premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

•  Improves efficiency of physical and mental work.

•  Rhodiola Root is now being studied for its positive attributes in fighting depression, Parkinson's, ADD, and fibromyalgia.

•  In Germany , Rhodiola Root has been used for pain, headache, hemorrhoids, and as an anti-inflammatory.

•  The combination of green tea, or especially, Qololangma White Sacred Tea ©, Rhodiola is of potential value in normalizing the blood content of lipids, glucose, and hemoglobin, and calming nervousness, while helping to overcome fatigue.


•  Don't take Rhodiola tea during pregnancy or while breast-feeding; risks have not been adequately studied.

•  Because of its stimulating nature, avoid Rhodiola by individuals with bipolar (manic-depressive) disorder.

•  For fibromyalgia: 200-400 ml of tea in the morning on an empty stomach is recommended

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