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ORMUS in its various forms, taken internally, or used externally (absorbed by the skin), drastically and quickly helps to remove the five stagnations, restore energy flow, create a barrier to further stagnation, and restores balance simultaneously in all areas of the body. That's why it has often been referred to as the “Universal Medicine” or as Li Shi Shen called it, the “Golden Elixir.”

Traditional Chinese and Tibetan Medical Practitioners hold that all infirmity, sickness, pain, and general health problems are caused by imbalance in the body's systems. When the flow of electro-magnetic energy in the body slows or thickened or blocked, it is called ‘stagnation.' There may be stagnation of in the blood, in the Mind, energy (electrical flow), wind, temperature, or chemistry. When the five systems are in balance then all systems are ‘GO” and the body repairs, heals, and restores itself.

QUESTION OF THE AGES: “WHAT IS IT (Ormus)?” ..... .This was the Question asked by the Children of Israel in the Desert when fed with Manna, and by the ancient Egyptian Priests (in temple rites), but they knew its contents consisted of WHITE POWDER GOLD. ORMUS/ORME was rediscovered in the mid-1990s by David Hudson and was analyzed to be an unrealized 4 th state of matter, water soluble mineral metals of the Platinum Group in a monoatomic or diatomic elemental form, and essential to total body health.

WHAT DOES ORMUS DO? It has been shown that ORMUS has inherent ‘superconductive' characteristics, as the atoms are in a ‘high-spin' state. So when Ormus enters the human body inter-cell communication is quickly increased. When each of the cells is ‘enlivened' and is communicating with its environs and the rest of the body, balance and heath is more easily and quickly restored. The cells are recharged and rejuvenated.

VITALITY ....One of the first things that users notice and report about ORMUS use is increased energy and vitality. Though there many be a short period where the body is adjusting, detoxifying, and cleansing itself, continued Ormus use keeps the body balanced, rejuvenated, and strong.

BONES and TEETH … Since Ormus sometimes reveals itself ‘acting like Calcium' derivatives yet being nutritive water-soluble metallic minerals, ORMUS has amazing beneficial affects on strengthening bone density, preventing osteoporosis, and correcting oral dental problems.

HEALING, INCREASED LONGEVITY AND YOUTHENING .....Many users report almost immediate healing and certain ‘Youthening” effects of Ormus intake. Endurance levels for activity appear to be increased, strength and stamina enhanced. Linked with a positive attitude, and a body becoming healthier, and greater mental clarity, ORMUS can help to achieve a naturally balanced strong healthy Body, Mind and Spirit.

MENTAL ENRICHMENT..... Some users report enhanced mental acuity, clarity of thought, a new mental and physical well-being-and calmness, increased intuitive powers, increased insight and a higher or renewed state of awareness.

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