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About Tibetan Gold Health Minerals & Curative Tea Company

Tibetan Gold Health Minerals & Curative Tea Company's mission is to make the world a better, healthier, happier  place.  Our interest is “Improving Health and Increasing Longevity © .”

We are alchemists trained in nano-pharmacology.  We have a hands-on policy and I personally custom make all the Ormus products shown on our website.  None of our mineral products are farmed out to others and are made in our own laboratory, bottled and labeled by us.  In alchemy, the success of a product is very much influenced by the intention, spiritual development,  and expertise of the alchemist doing the work. 

The monatomic minerals we extract and create are very often unavailable in the foods we eat due to industrial farming practices, and the commercialism of growing food for appearance rather than nutritional value.  So these vital 'missing' monatomic minerals are now available for health, spiritual expansion, and increased consciousness.

Secondarily, our mission is to help educate people: to show how you can take charge of your own body's health and spiritual development. This website contains a lot of information and interesting articles, and latest research to help people become better informed about their own health, and how to improve it. These articles will show the latest Western research into ancient methodologies and products utilized in Asia and the Far East for thousands of years. You can learn about the Traditional cures, what's in these products and then decide which ones may solve or cure the health problems and symptoms you might be having right now.

When the body is healthy, improving, and strong, much of the stress and worry we experience is diminished.  To make people healthier, more confident and less stressed are what Tibetan Gold is all about.

We do these things by creating products which have integrity, have been time-tested to improve aspects of health, and do what they say.  Our products are designed and made to provide healthy alternatives, which increase longevity, reduce and relieve pain, heal and strengthen weak body systems, and generally restore and enhance human health.

Our American principals have been involved in the investigation and production of M-State and Ormus materials since the late 1990's.  One principal was a contributor to, and member of David Hudson's Science of the Spirit Foundation, and has had a 15 year relationship with Western alchemical traditions, and a 10 year relationship with Traditional Chinese Medicine research.  

Another principal, a UCLA educated Engineer, born in Shanghai , China , has had a lifelong relationship with Buddhist (Zen) and Chinese medicine traditions.  He is also the author of the book, The Science of Being. (Amazon.com).

Thus, Tibetan Gold Health Minerals & Curative Tea Company's philosophy of health and life incorporates the knowledge and wisdom of both Eastern and Western physical and mental health traditions into all the products which we produce for the marketplace.  We also love Chinese Teas, especially the teas, herbal and flower teas with provable health and restoration qualities, and utilized by Chinese medicine practitioners for several thousand years.

Ancient Tibetan Mineral Salt Lakes

We have been fortunate in our quest, to find excellent ultimate source materials for our Ormus and M-State products, to have located several ancient high mountain salt lakes in the Tibetan Plateau.  These ancient salt lakes are fed by miraculous bubbling hot springs from an ancient volcanic region high in the Eastern Himalayan Range . This mineral rich water has been feeding these lakes for millennia.  Due to the arid, near desert climate of the region, and the constant high altitude Sunlight, the salt water in these lakes have become extremely concentrated. Within the salt lakes are huge salt crystals as large as a man.  Since the salt crystals leach the Sodium Chloride (NaCl), the remaining salt lake water is even more concentrated with the M-State and Ormus materials.

When we discovered these small salt lakes, we were excited and immediately desired to know if the salt waters contained the coveted and prized life-enhancing Platinum Group minerals, and how much and what kinds.  We had the precipitates analyzed and determined that this precious salt water produces a phenomenal amount of WPG (white powdered gold), the complete broad spectrum of the Platinum Group minerals in their M-State forms.  We also gathered the dry salt surrounding the lakes and determined that it too, is M-State rich.

Tibetan Gold now makes this wonderful salt water, " Qololangma Ancient Salt Lake Water © " and Tibetan Gold "Salt of the Earth © " available for purchase for those who wish to produce their own Ormus precipitate products.  

In addition, several additional unique products made from the high mountain Tibetan M-State materials are available, as well as our ‘Select' Organic Flower, Herbal, and Root Teas.

So spend some time with our Website. Learn about Improving Health and Increasing Longevity.

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