Aged Tea Drinker Woman Professor

Photo: Professor Wu Sau Ying (right) A World recognized botanist celebrated her 100 th birthday at the Campus of The Chinese University of Hong Kong . The University organized a special seminar for her and Mr. Lau Chun Yee (3 rd on left) also attended.

Heading: Professor WU Sau Ying Celebrates her 100 th Birthday

The Chinese saying, “It takes 10 years to form a tree, but 100 years to form a human being” is the best description for Professor Wu who just passed her 100 th birthday last Wednesday. (1 st Full Moon of the Chinese calendar) Being a worldwide recognized botanist, Professor Wu is still working at the Chinese University of Hong Kong as an “Honorable Speaker” in the Department of Chinese Medicine. Yesterday she attended a special academic seminar celebrating her 100 th birthday.

Despite her advanced age, she is still very healthy. After blowing the candles, she shared memories of her life with over 300 honorable guests who attended the seminar. Born in the Ching Dynasty, as a child Professor Wu was very ill. Her father immediately bought her some herbal medicines which saved her life. When she grew up, she wanted to know which herbal medicines had saved her life, and that was how she decided to study Chinese herbal medicines and the field of Botany.

To maintain her good health over the years, Professor Wu drinks a special blend of tea which she mixes every morning, which she calls, “Healthy Tea.” It is mixed from Chrysanthemum, Rose, Ling Chee, Western Ginseng, and red flower: steeped in hot water for a while to draw out the nutrients. She has been drinking this tea every day for more than 20 years. Professor Wu's mind is still active and alert, thinking quick, and she spends 12 hours a day. She is author of several books, and is currently writing 3 more, one on the nutritional value of Chrysanthemum, One on the Orchids, and one on the botany in Parks in Hong Kong . Amazing!

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