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I developed multiple sclerosis in 1991 and, over a two year period, gradually overcame it using an alternative treatment suggested by Edgar Cayce, a man many regard as the father of modern holistic medicine. It primarily involved administering the vibratory energy of gold using an electrotherapy device called the wet cell battery, the purpose of which is to increase the body's assimilation of specific substances (in my case, gold) from dietary sources. For more information about my successful conquest of MS, visit

In July of 2004, while in that magical borderland between sleep and wakefulness, I received the distinct impression that I should take colloidal silver orally, making sure to swish it around in my mouth for a while before swallowing it.

Colloidal silver consists of submicroscopic particles of silver suspended in distilled water. It is best known as a powerful broad-spectrum antibiotic that is capable of killing viruses, fungi, and bacteria. I was dimly aware that some people claimed benefit from taking colloidal silver, but, since I had never taken any myself, I really did not know what to expect.

In keeping with my inner guidance, I purchased a four ounce bottle of 10 parts per million (10 PPM) colloidal silver from the Heritage Store and began taking one teaspoonful before meals and one at bedtime.

Within a few days, I noticed that I was sleeping better and that an occasional tremor in my right leg disappeared. Also, my bowel movements appeared to be more normal and not as loose as they sometimes are. Then I ran out of colloidal silver and everything came back as before.

To treat multiple sclerosis and many other conditions, Edgar Cayce frequently recommended administering via the wet cell battery the vibratory energy of various minerals, most notably gold and silver. It may be that, in some cases at least, colloidal gold and silver can be substituted for this form of electrotherapy, which, unfortunately, many people find too difficult and expensive to cope with on the long-term basis necessary to achieve its full therapeutic effect.

Nancy Delise, for example, suffered with multiple sclerosis for many years until colloidal silver gave her a new life. You can read her testimony at

When I was in nursing, I often used silver preparations to treat bed sores, and there are numerous testimonials on the Internet favoring the use of colloidal silver to treat a whole host of conditions, including HIV/AIDS, Lyme disease, cystic fibrosis, shingles, hepatitis C, urinary tract infections, sinusitis, and various types of cancer (including leukemia). Here is a site where one can access literally scores of colloidal silver testimonials:

In regard to the safety of colloidal silver, it is generally agreed upon by researchers and scientists who have studied the matter that true colloidal silver preparations are not toxic when taken in doses recommended by their manufacturers. Also, in that connection, the reports contained in this site are worthy of note:

Colloidal silver is sold at most health food stores but is rather expensive to buy ready-made. Fortunately, it can also be made at home for pennies a gallon using inexpensive equipment you can construct yourself or purchase on the Internet. Colloidal gold is also available at most health food stores, but, of course, is more expensive than colloidal silver. It too, however, can be made at home for great savings.

In reading 120-5, Edgar Cayce said that "...given properly, silver and gold may almost lengthen life to its double..." In the context of the reading, "given properly" meant the vibratory administration of both elements. In the case of gold, it could also mean the oral administration of tiny doses of gold chloride buffered with sodium bicarbonate. Perhaps silver and gold colloids, taken by mouth, would also serve to promote longevity.

Colloidal gold was discussed in an article that appeared in the May, 1999, issue of the Meridian Institute Newsletter . It said that colloidal gold had been used effectively to treat rheumatoid arthritis and cognitive difficulties. The complete text of the article can be found at

For more information on the two studies mentioned in the above article, including numerous colloidal gold testimonials, visit

In support of the beneficial effect of colloidal gold on cognitive function, one of the testimonials contained in the above website is particularly appropriate:

I am a business consultant who has worked in the field of human excellence, accelerated learning and success technologies for over 20 years. I originally started taking colloidal gold because I read that it could produce a 20% increase in I.Q. and I wanted to experiment for myself.

Having taken the product since roughly November of last year, it is my opinion that colloidal gold represents a critical and necessary nutrient, and is an extraordinary mind formula that produces incredible results. I now consider this supplement an actual necessity for my highest functioning, as well as a critical element in the increased success of my business.

I've certainly noticed more euphoria, confidence, well-being and happiness, but the most important results I've experienced have been an intensely sharpened mind, including noticeably increased verbal, auditory and linguistic intelligence; increased creative intelligence and spatial intelligence, and far better recall and memory.

I notice this in all areas, but particularly when I'm teaching and training, I am much more masterful, and seem to exhibit dramatically increased intelligence, wisdom and awareness. I feel as if somehow I've added an extra 10 years to my level of experience and expertise, but it's not 10 years that have made me smarter and wiser, it's the colloidal gold. There is just no question that I am functioning at a different level.

I've tried lots of stuff over the years, including some very expensive and exotic Chinese herbs that claim a special "mind formula," and I never noticed any results. With the colloidal gold, I noticed a big difference that was both immediate and progressive; in other words, the benefits seem to keep increasing over time. And I'm pretty sure I haven't peaked yet!

It's not just mental intelligence that's different. There's been a dramatic increase in spatial intelligence and physical coordination as well. I move faster, think faster, respond faster, and am more aware. I experience better coordination, not only in my martial arts, but also in the computer video games I play. For example, in both X-box and Playstation, my performance is really improved; I can do things that guys who have been playing for years can't even do, like expertly driving the James Bond car, which is really quite difficult and requires intense concentration and coordination.

Probably the most dramatic place I notice the effects of the colloidal gold is in my business. I actually now consider it a necessity for my work. I was always a successful and intelligent person, but now I'm smarter and more articulate, stimulating, effective and persuasive, not to mention more successful as a result. The difference in verbal intelligence is really quite extraordinary.

In summation, I would say I am happier, more effective and functioning better than I ever have. I feel like a new person. TAKING COLLOIDAL GOLD CHANGES YOUR LIFE. I really believe that it is a powerful force for shaping one's destiny and can be the difference between mediocrity and roaring success.

I just bought 25 gallons of colloidal gold for my own use. The increased money I'm making from my business more than makes up for the cost, and the cost is quite reasonable to begin with. I also recommend the gold to my clients and am seeing and hearing about remarkable results from them as well.

Albert Searle founded a pharmaceutical company that eventually become the global giant, Merck. He was a researcher and proponent of colloidal silver. In a book he wrote in 1919 entitled The Use of Colloids in Health and Disease , he wrote:

The germicidal action of certain metals in the colloidal state having been demonstrated, it only remained to apply them to a human subject, and this has been done in a large number of cases with astonishingly successful results...for internal administration, either orally or hypodermically, they have the advantage of being rapidly fatal to the parasites--both bacterial and otherwise--without any toxic action on the host.

Searle's book is still available and can be purchased from

Borderland Science Research Foundation
P.O. Box 6250
Eureka , CA 95502

In light of Searle's obvious zeal for colloidal silver, one wonders why it never become the wonder drug it gave every evidence of being. Perhaps, because colloidal silver could not be patented, the pharmaceutical industry essentially forgot about it and moved on to develop other less effective but more lucrative substitutes.

In the fall of 2004, I substantially increased my daily dosage of colloidal silver to help combat a worsening prostate problem.

To raise public awareness of and foster investigation into the potential health benefits of mineral colloids, I created The Colloidal Minerals Webring, a collection of sites dealing with the therapeutic use of colloidal gold, silver, and other minerals. It can be found at

In my opinion, mineral colloids, particulary those of silver and gold, have great therapeutic potential and merit most careful consideration.

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