What is Bamboo Salt? Article by Korean Craftsman Association

Being a mysterious medicine that our ancestors had taken from ancient times for care of several diseases that ranges from small cuts to incurableness, the Bamboo Salt now newly came into being by developing, modifying, and analyzing it according to the secret method that was presently opened up but has long been handed down in the Buddhist temples or among few persons.

Being a compound into which nucleus elements inside of a sun dried-sea-salt that is collected in the western beach and the elements inside of a bamboo are combined on high temperature by the properties of mineral substance inside of clean, yellow soil, the Bamboo Salt helps to radically cure all the aversions that come from a lack of salt, the nucleus elements help to do sterilization, and the minerals help cell production.

In old days, our ancestors used to use it as a digester, a sterilizer and a disinfectant and for the several diseases of the mouth, neck, ear, nose and eye, and it also been said to have been used as a folk medicine for swelling, flu, incurableness, etc.

Being one of the best presents among the ones that our ancestors had handed over to us for cure of diseases; it is the Bamboo Salt that has mysterious efficacy.

Should we really believe: 'the theory that the salt is harmful' as it is?

The theory 'that if you used to eat salty foods, you have been easily attacked with hypertension or cancer' has been flourished nowadays and because of that, many people today have held the 'Eat-less-salt Movement'. Also, according to a recent investigation report, 95% of Korean housewives make their dish not properly salted and try to eat less, salted foods, such as, soy sauce, soybean paste, thick soy paste mixed with red peppers, kimch'i, etc. In addition to that, it is said that many Korean are attacked with hypertension because Korean take 30g of salt per day that is 3 times as much as the quantity that W.H.O. recommends.

Is really the geriatric diseases, such as hypertension, arteriosclerosis, etc have now been increased continuously because we take much salt?

From ancient times, our Koreans have used to take many salty dishes. We used to serve on the table the salty food, such as, soy sauce, thick soy paste mixed with red peppers, kimch'i, pickled sea foods, each and every hard-boiled foods, etc. But, there are no records that a lot of our ancestors had been attacked with hypertension, and also only few people attacked with arteriosclerosis. Why? In addition to that, how do we explain the phenomena that the number of people be attacked with hypertension and arteriosclerosis have increased radically though we presently eat less number of salty foods than before? And the average age of the Eskimos is below 40 though they take little salt, and the Germans who are one of the tribes that are believed to live longer, eat more than 25 g of salt per day.

How would we explain that?

Besides the facts mentioned above, there are many examples that could refute the conclusive theory that salt is harmful and the cause of geriatric diseases. As a result, we have to keep it in mind that good salt is good for our health but bad salt is harmful for. Strictly speaking, the salt we usually eat, so-called {Refined Salt}is not a salt but only a chemical. The refined salt is made by excluding several, very small amount of elements that is good for health, such as potassium sulfate, magnesium sulfate, potassium chloride, magnesium chloride, iron, iodine, gold, etc. from sun dried salt. This is because the sun-dried, salt, they believe, is dirty and tastes bad. And the refined salt is the salt that is composed of 99.8% of poisonous, sodium chloride. Presently, virtually all the people of the world take this refined salt, but only a few, backward countries in Africa takes non-refined salt. Like this, all the people of the world today takes refined, chemical salt instead of natural, sun-dried salt, and when we thinks that this is the result that we follows the up-to-date medical science and sought for the convenience and cleanness, it is not so fortunate case. As a result, we knew that it is necessary to change our thought that the salt is harmful and it is more important that we select and take good salt by counting the quality of salt than that we control the amount we take, i.e. a lump of bamboo salt baked twice.

Bamboo Salt, where does its amazing efficacy come from?

It is very frustrating thing that we couldn't totally know the mysterious efficacy of bamboo salt even with up-to-date medical science. But, inquiring into ancient books on salt, bamboo, pine resin and yellow soil that be used when making Bamboo Salt, we may explain the mystery of Bamboo Salt.

Salt: Strengthens the bones and sinews, and makes harmonize the intestines. Digests stale food and make man healthy. Helps to cure mental sufferings and drive a wickedness out. Protects one's skin from losing its luster, and removes the medical substance and makes purify the blood. (PON-CH'O-KANG-MOK, HANG-YAK-CHIP-SONG-PANG)

Bamboo oil: Its quality is very cold, taste sweet, and enters the stomach and the heart. It makes the temperature and the congestion cool down, and cures the cough caused by the congestion, severe congestion caused by palsy, convulsion, epilepsy, and tetanus.

(From Eastern Medical Science Dictionary)

Pine resin: Makes ease the five vital organs, down the fever, controls the palsy and the wickedness, and cures all kinds of swelling, the swelling on the head, etc., and when putting it to all kinds of swelling, make the skin alive and kills the worm. (DONG-UI-PO-KAM)

Yellow soil: It takes charge of diarrhea, dysentery, the dysentery with diarrhea that becomes white with mucus, pain from eruption inside of the body. And also it removes several kinds of (DONG-UI-PO-KAM)

Bamboo Salt-manufacturing process

  • Native, Common Bamboo that be raised for 3 years.
  • Cut Bamboo.
  • Put the sun-dried salt inside of the bamboo.
  • Close it up with yellow soil that doesn't contain oily substance.
  • Bamboo pillar that be heaped inside of traditional oven.
  • Heat it on high temperature for 24 hours with pine firewood.
  • Heap the salt oil that be baked 8 times inside of the final oven.
  • Bamboo salt that is melted down like a molten rock at the 1500 of high temperature.

The crystal of power, True Bamboo Salt has been produced as follows.

  • Cut native, common bamboo that has been raised for more than 3 years.
  • Put the sun-dried salt that is collected in the beach of Paek-Ryong Island and that contains very much quantity of nucleus elements inside of.
  • Close the hole up with yellow soil of Deep Mountain.
  • Put it inside of the traditional yellow soil oven and heat it for 24 hours with fine firewood.
  • When baking it 24 hours on strong fire, the bamboo be burnt up and the salt be hardened to became a shape of white pillar (When this will happen, the bamboo oil be absorbed into the salt).
  • Break the lump into pieces, and again fill it in the bamboo-oil barrel.
  • Repeat the process above 8 times continuously. As we repeat it, it becomes deep in color.
  • At the final, ninth process, heat it with pine resin in not traditional yellow-soil oven, but a stainless steel-made bucket, and keep the temperature of 1500 for a while.
  • The salt is melted down like a molten rock to be hardened like a lump of rock or ice. Bamboo Salt is produced by breaking it into small particles or powder.

The Crystal of Power

The Feature of True Bamboo Salt is as follows.

The feature of Bamboo Salt is that it be heated in the yellow soil oven 8 times, and that it be sealed off by clean, yellow-soil after putting the sun-dried salt inside of and covering it with wormwood and pine needles. It is also the feature of it that we use only the bamboo that has been raised under the seawind of west cost (It would have been degraded in efficacy if we had used a bamboo imported from abroad.) and that president Chong Kyong-Suk of Korea Craftsman Association, himself, explores the producing district and selects the place where strong power of earth exists according to the theory of the shade and light, and five elements (UM-YANG-O-HAENG) in order to maximize the power. And also, Jon Yong-Jo, the factory manager, always washes his body before manufacturing and we drive the man with wickedness out in the production line.

What is 'The Dizziness Phenomena'? (Herxheimer Effect)

  • It is the phenomena that brings out in the midst of a course to improve one's physical constitution.
  • It is different from 'Side Effects' and also called as 'Improvement Phenomena'.
  • This is the passing phenomena that brings out when curing the disease that has continued for a long time.
  • In Eastern medical science, there is a Phrase {Without passing the Dizziness Phenomena, the disease would have not been cured.}
  • For example, when we exercise suddenly, we could feel the abnormality of a tissue, such as, swelling on the foot, and when we suddenly stop drinking or smoking, we feel the prohibition phenomena, and when we fast, we also feel the phenomena like this.

The Dizziness phenomenon is the good, improvement phenomena.

  • Atony response - Languid, sleepy, tired and drunken feeling. It usually stops before or after a week would have passed.
  • Hypersensitivity - It be found in the man with constipation, diarrhea, sweating, swelling, pain, chronic illness, and have been continued for about 2 weeks.
  • Evacuation response - Eczema, swelling, pimple, itching sensation, a mucous discharge from the eyes. It is the response by the general counteraction and evacuation of the True Bamboo Salt. Recovery response - Gastralgia, stomachache, vomiting, Pyrexia, palpitation. It is the phenomena in which the bad tissue be destroyed by strengthening and reviving a cell.

True Bamboo Salt

It is the mysterious, conventional salt made by filling sun-dried salt of west coast (coarse salt) inside of the native, common bamboo that have been raised for more than 3 years, covering it with pine needles & worm woods, being sealed it off with yellow soil that doesn't contains oily substance and then baking and melting 9 times on the 1200-1500 of high temperature with natural pine knot.

Efficacy: It has strong neutralizing power and helps to promote the metabolism by improving the environment inside of the body, controlling the acid and alkali and ionizing specially.

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