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For those with the entrepreneurial spirit and flair, and who want to sell a wholesome product line; Whether you have an existing coffee shop, restaurant, Tea shop, or wish to instantly have one…:

Tibetan Gold™ Health Minerals and Curative Tea Company offers its Instant Tea Shoppe ©. We will send you your choice of 12 of our delicious, colorful, natural, organic flower, herbs and teas. Ready to go, packed in practical air-tight display jars, ready for sale. Each Tea Jar contains approximately 500 Gms of choice tea. You may expand this start-up inventory to include all the 40 products, at approximately $50 per additional selection* (including the Display jar). Once you have the display jars you may order refills at anytime and your order will shipped EMS in air-tight plastic bags (delivery time from Hong Kong approximately 1 week).

No franchise fees, no monthly commissions. You just sell delicious, healthful curative teas; we'll just supply you when you need more tea. It's as simple as that. You won't find a better product, better teas, or a simpler set-up.

Initial 12 Tea Selections* Set-Up/Air-Tight Display Jars -- $500 (+ Air Freight approx $200)

Additional Selections* with Jar Each -- $50 + Air Freight shipping

Have your own Display Jars? We'll send the bulk Teas* at $40 each (approx 500 gr) + Air Freight shipping (approx. $100)

All you have to do is provide the venue, the boiling water, the cups, saucers, and sweeteners and within 10 days you can be in the Tea Shoppe business. And you will be confident that you are providing products to your customers that are delicious, healthy, curative and welcomed. Serve as they are or mix and create your own special blends….

Choose from

1. Finest Pu-erh Black Tea

2. Organic Green Tea

3. Organic Hawthorne Fruit Essence Tea

4. Organic Lavender Flower Tea

5. Chaozhou ‘IRON BUDDHA” (Fat Busting) Oolong Tea

6. Organic Chinese Red Tea

7. Peony Organic White Tea

8. Organic White ( Silver Needle ) Tea

9. Empress White Tea Flower Balls

10. Organic Asian Forget-Me-Not Flower Tea

11. Organic Rose Buds Flower Tea

12. Organic Jasmine Flower Tea

13. Organic Red Clover Flower Tea

14. Organic Osmanthus Flower Tea

15. Dandelion Buds Flower Tea

16. Organic Camomile Tea

17. Golden Day-Lily Organic Flower Tea

18. Honeysuckle Organic Flower Tea

19. Egg Flower (Frangipani) Organic Flowers Tea

20. Organic White Chrysanthemum Flower Tea Organic

21. Organic ‘Pressed' Yellow Chrysanthemum Tea

22. DengHu Red Organic Herbal Tea

23. Southern Ginseng Leaf Chinese Tea

24. Flower of Ginseng Tea

25. Natural Tibet Organic Rhodiola (Root) Tea

26. Chinese Wolfberry Fruit Essence Tea

27. Red Jujube Fruit Essence Tea

28. Hawthorne (MayHaw) Tea (Fruit Essence Tea)

29. Organic Dried Tangerine Peel

30. Organic Dried Lemon Slices

31. Dried Longan Fruit Essence Tea

32. Organic Rock Cane Sugar for Tea

33. Chrysanthemum/Lycium Blend

34. Rose Petals Tea

35. Watermelon Seed Herbal Tea

36. Green Tea & Ground Ginger Herbal Tea

37. Heaven &Earth Harmony Tea © (Fruit & Flower )

38. Longan-Ginger-Red Jujube Tea (Fruit Essence Tea)

39. Red Hibiscus Flower Tea

40 . Organic Gongju Herbal Tea

*Tibetan Red Saffron Tea may be purchased but is not included as selection Items. (See Saffron Description in Products)

If interested In a TIBETAN GOLD™ Instant Tea Shoppe© Email Inquiry@TibetanGold.com

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