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Health Benefits of Dandelions

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Function of Ubiquinone (in Saffron) “Carotenoid Metabolism as a Preparation of Function”

What is Saffron Tea? Health Benefits


Tea's (and Coffee's) anti-carcinogen and health benefit properties

White Tea Better than Other Tea as Potential Anti-carcinogen

New evidence supports Camomile tea's health benefits

Green tea mechanism supports anti-cancer activity

Tea Found to Fight Alzheimer's Enzymes

Tea keeps blood pressure down

White tea could be better than green in fighting disease

Green and Black Tea natural chemotherapy for prostate cancer

Polyphenols in Tea fight growth of breast cancer cells

Coffee, as well as Tea, could fight disease, colon cancer

Caffeine in coffee linked to lower type 2 diabetes risks long-term

Green tea agent fights HIV infection

Tea flavonoids gain recognition as powerful weapon against disease

Tea takes on skin Cancer and multiple diseases

Green tea could halt bladder cancer

Tea beats bad breath

White tea may have role in skin cancer battle

Black tea may lower heart disease risk

Green tea lowers heart attack risk

Drink tea and live longer, heart attack victims told

Green tea may fight allergies

Tea, Antioxidants and genes

Oolong and Black Tea can help strengthen bones, research shows

Green tea polyphenols to fight Parkinson's

Green tea catechins to treat muscle degeneration

Green tea catechins can protect cartilage, study shows

Oolong tea fights fat and cholesterol

Iron Buddha Oolong Tea Kills Cancer Bacteria (Helicobacter Infection)

Coffee beats green tea, contains four times more health-boosting antioxidants

Coffee, Women, and Alzheimer's disease

Coffee Consumption and Cognitive Function among Older Adults

Men, Coffee, and Reduced Parkinson's disease Risk

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